Livret A: all wrong barred

Since January 1, all banks of France and Navarre can finally market the Livret A, previously the preserve of the Banque Postale and Caisse d’Epargne. This investment cash for the financing of social housing is paid to 2.5% in total tax-free and social contributions. Capped at 15,300 euros, it offers several advantages: it is safe, profitable and liquid.

Since the beginning of the year, the French rush not hundreds of thousands at banks to benefit from this offer, and there is a strong increase in a deposit on these savings: 19 billion for the month of January total ever achieved since 1995. to date, no fewer than 46 million holders with assets of 140 billion euros.

Given these numbers are staggering, one understands why the banks that are short of cash, have implemented aggressive sales initiatives and the limits of legality to attract investors. Some institutions offer a bonus interest rate on the money market and a matching contribution on the payment for customer loyalty, sales offer completely legal; others, for against, to face the fierce competition, abuse the innocence of customers and as usual it is the inhabitants of neighborhoods generally less informed, who are victims of these code violations banking: authoritarian way flow, the Livret A subscription without consent and without signing …

abused client testimonials are legion. We met Rene, a retired Saint-Denis, “In early October 2008, my banker contact me to book me a booklet A, I retorted that I already have a booklet at the Post Office and therefore I am not interested in supply. But in early January, I see still on my statement that collected the sum of $ 15 to feed a booklet A collection which I have never given my consent. ”

Other investors have seen associating with the booklet insurance they have not contracted. “In January of this year, says Ines student in a business school and resident in Garges-lès-Gonesse, I go to the bank to get a student loan. My advisor tells me it would be better than I open a Livret A, for its hierarchy agrees to the loan. I agree because I need this loan. But a few weeks later, I see that has taken 100 euros for the opening of the Livret A, but in addition, we punctured me 36 euros with wording like “insurance” insurance to which In ‘ I never gave my consent. ”

Newly arrived on the banks of the booklet A market, attracted by its smell, are not the only ones to do so. La Banque Postale and Caisse d’Epargne who market this investment for several decades are not far behind. Understandably, they fear that their customers transfer their passbook to other banks, and there, in some agencies, we do not hesitate to pressure.

“At the station, I only have a Livret A, says Suzanne, maintainer of Villiers-le-Bel. I wanted to transfer this book in my library for convenience reasons. I go to the desk to make arrangements, and there I was told that I have to make an appointment. I did so, but we can not offer me an appointment within 15 days. I agree on spite. When I met with my counselor, it will try to convince me for nearly an hour not to transfer my Livret A of the Post to my other bank, but I remain firm. For over a month I met this person, and my passbook is still not transferred. ”
Certainly, in these times of crisis, banks place a high value on money.

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